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022 The Sekiseigumi Barracks
An unassuming space leading to the Sekiseigumi Barracks, the headquarters of Kugane's peacekeeping force. Off-duty Sekiseigumi members are often seen relaxing at the nearby teahouse, and if you tilt your head up, you can take in the unashamedly grandiose main gates of Kugane Castle.
023 Bokairo Inn
An inn with sweeping ocean views, famed for the healing properties of its hot springs. The public baths of Hingashi are largely mixed gender, and it is customary to bathe naked. But in a trading hub such as Kugane, where folk of myriad cultures and creeds mingle, one is expected to don not one's nameday but bathing suit.
024 Kogane Dori
Meaning “gold” in ancient Hingan, Kugane is a port where golden fortunes are made, and it is on this bustling street that merchants earn lesser fortunes, or “kogane.” From foreign wares to local specialties, there is something to suit every taste. Those who have had their fill of the markets may also find amusement at the renowned Mujikoza theater.
025 Kogane Alleyways
This quiet canal-side lane offers a splendid view of the Tasogare Bridge, built in the distinctive arched style of the Far East. Just beyond lies Kugane Ofunakura, where vessels that sail the seas are made, above which rises the airship tower, where vessels that soar the skies are moored.
026 Shiokaze Hostelry
A towering tavern─the largest in Kugane─favored by local merchants and dockworkers and foreign visitors alike. Guests can indulge in Far Eastern cuisine made with the freshest seafood while sipping on fine rice wine imported from Koshu, the main island of Hingashi.
053 The Statue of Zuiko
Depicted in majestic detail astride his rearing steed is the great warlord Zuiko, revered founder of Suenokuni. While his realm occupies the southern region of Shishu encompassing Kugane, it must be noted that the port city's administration alone falls under bakufu jurisdiction.
054 Rakuza District
By special permission from the bakufu, this commercial district enjoys considerably relaxed trade restrictions. Wares find their way here from the world over, as do visitors of all persuasions, who have no shortage of amusements and hostelries to keep them entertained and rested in turn.
055 Tenkonto
In the Far Eastern tongue, Tenkonto means aetheryte. Since ancient times in Hingashi, the construction and maintenance of these devices have been the exclusive domain of the Onishishu, a collective of skilled craftsmen who jealously guard their secrets. As a portal into Kugane, the area is kept under strict surveillance by the Sekiseigumi.
056 Kugane Ofunakura
Founded under the auspices of Kugane's lord bugyo, this facility specializes in the construction of smaller crafts and the repair of visiting vessels. Accordingly, the shipwrights employed here are versed not only in local shipbuilding traditions, but in foreign techniques as well.


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