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무이강 서쪽
70 갈매기의 눈
도마 성
70 갈매기의 눈
The Sunken Junk's South Side
70 갈매기의 눈
033 The Swallow's Compass
Enshrined within this tomb, his likeness carved on an imposing scale into the cliffside, is the person of Ganen, the great general who united the warring clans of Yanxia to arise as the first king of Doma. A skilled swordsman and mage both, he is credited as the founding father of Doman geomancy.
034 Castrum Fluminis
Established twenty-five years ago as an advance post for the invasion of Doma, the castrum served for a time afterwards as an administrative center for the imperial occupation. As repairs on Doma Castle progressed, its occupants relocated to the city, abandoning it to nature.
035 Namai
A village situated amidst the mountains of the Gensui Chain, named for the local word for the aquatic arrowhead plant, an allusion to its long history in rice farming. The arrival of the Empire placed this lifestyle under siege, but through perseverance the villagers continue to hold on to their ways.
036 Prism Lake
An enigmatic lake carved out in steps, whose waters have taken on the colors of the rainbow. Scholars attribute its beautiful coloration to the rich and exposed deposits of high-purity crystals in the area, while legend tells of an angelic being who fashioned a bridge of rainbow for her mortal lover.
037 Doma Castle
The seat of power in the nation of Doma, whose dominion encompassed the entirety of Yanxia. The crag-top site was chosen in order to control the One River, an artery of trade and transport and a vital source of water in the region. Under imperial rule, it was made into a viceroyalty and its military capabilities were greatly expanded.
038 Dairyu Moon Gates
Built into natural rock with openings fashioned in the shape of a full moon, this series of colossal portals regulate traffic upon the One River. The Empire, desiring to exert greater control, further added magitek field generators.
039 Yuzuka Manor
For generations, the lords of the Yuzuka family faithfully served the Doman monarchy as governors of One River settlements, and this was their dwelling. Razed during the rebellion, a clan of Namazu has since taken up residence.
060 Imperial Hypersonic Assault Craft L-XXIII
The letters emblazoned upon its rusted fuselage mark it as the 23rd craft of the XIIth Imperial Legion. Dispatched to Doma in a bid to suppress the rebellion, witnesses say it was brought down by the vulpine guardian of Yanxia, to sink to its watery grave at the bottom of the One River.

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