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Azim Khaat Southern Lakebed
70 갈매기의 눈
040 Ceol Aen
A cluster of ancient stone pillars located near Bardam's Mettle, upon each of which the songs of the peoples of the Steppe are graven. Although the pillars' placement may appear haphazard, when the wind blows through them, they are said to come alive with melodies from ages past.
041 Dotharl Khaa
In the language of the Steppe, “khaa” means a spring, and the Dotharl tribe has laid claim to this particular one. It is a rare oasis in the deathly dry climes of the Nhaama Desert, and travelers are strongly advised to replenish their water supplies ere they continue on.
042 The Dusk Throne
A grand monument marking the sacred site where Nhaama, goddess of the moon, is said to have created a corporeal form of herself and become the Dusk Mother. The sands of time, however, have ever disdained the works of men, and for all its prodigious size, the desert is threatening to swallow it up.
043 Reunion
Once a united people, the Xaela were divided into over fifty disparate tribes, but by gathering here they may be as one once more. Such was the hope of the Qestir when they founded this hub of trade. Nowadays, in addition to all the peoples of the Steppe, merchants from foreign lands may be seen here as well.
044 Chakha Zoh
Resting within this shrine are the bones of a revered Xaela woman who fearlessly faced a monstrous dragon in order to protect her people. It is customary for tribes that triumph at the Naadam to come here to make an offering.
045 The Dawn Throne
A grand monument marking the sacred site where Azim, god of the sun, is said to have created a corporeal form of himself and become the Dawn Father. Tended and improved over the years by the Steppe's most powerful tribes, it now rests upon the waters of Azim Khaat and is crowned by a magnificent palace.
061 Mol Iloh
The current home of the Mol, one of the many Xaela tribes that roam the Azim Steppe. Being nomads, their stay here is but temporary, and the turn of the seasons will see them strike camp in search of greener pastures for their livestock. Though quite sturdy when erected, the yurts are designed for ease of relocation.
062 Moai Statue
Similar statues are said to be found scattered across the world, but it is not known who made them, nor to what end. The absence of horns and the position of the ears have led some to believe that they were fashioned by Hyurs in their own likeness, but there is as yet no conclusive evidence.

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