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여기에는 물고기가없는 것 같다
The Trivium
001 The Rotunda
Upon stepping foot inside the Crystarium, one is greeted by the sight of a stately domed structure, walkways and hallways branching away from its walls like arteries from a beating heart. Constructed of elegant black iron and sheets of shimmering crystal, it is in the visitor's heart that this building is like to remain.
002 Musica Universalis
The largest marketplace in the Crystarium. Though perhaps overly grand in title, Musica Universalis is nevertheless an impressive sight. Its shelves groan under the weight of overwhelming variety, including wares manufactured by the Crystalline Mean and exotic goods imported from locales as distant as Kholusia and Amh Araeng.
003 The Cabinet of Curiosity
This towering vault contains countless scrolls, tomes, and moldering manuscripts salvaged from the furthest reaches of Norvrandt. Representing the grammarian branch of the Trivium, the Cabinet welcomes visitors in search of anything from the most complex academic texts to the illustrated works of children.
004 Rapture
Found in the northern district of the Crystarium, these elegant towers serve a myriad of functions. For refugees of the Flood, Rapture provided not only dwellings, workshops, and defensive facilities, but also a much-needed reprieve from the prevailing sense of despair and constant danger.
005 Temenos Rookery
Managed almost exclusively by the Zun, this rookery echoes with the sounds of creatures great and small, from the clucks of chickens to the kwehs of chocobos. Said to describe a “sacred enclosure,” the name is a reference to the legendary roosts of the amaro, and indeed, many an amaro is raised from egg to adult within the rookery's well-tended grounds.


The Crystarium - 고양이는 배고프다