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여기에는 물고기가없는 것 같다
023 The Red Serai
This amaro roost was established by Crystarium merchants plying their trade in Amh Araeng. Tucked within the foreboding walls of Qasr Sharl, the waypoint and its stockpiled goods are well protected from both predators and windblown sands.
024 Mord Souq
The Mord have long dwelled in Amh Araeng, and this “souq” or “city” serves as a marketplace to display the curious wares they gather from every corner of the badlands. Merchants and collectors from across Norvrandt can be seen here purchasing ores, oddities, and the relics of Nabaath Areng.
025 The Pristine Palace of Amh Malik
In the common tongue, “amh malik” translates into “majestic king,” and it was within this royal residence that was housed the core of Nabaath Areng's political and military might. When the Flood came, however, it was halted moments too late─half the palace toppled before a titanic wave of Light like a sand castle caught by the tide.
026 Mount Biran Mines
The shafts carved into the side of Mount Biran were the center of a large-scale mining operation which employed the relentless strength of an army of Talos. As is the case with Garik, Kelk, and many other places in the region, “Biran” was a name taken from a Ronso of historical note.
027 Twine
In days past, Nabaath Areng contracted a Talos engineer to establish its mining railway, and these cabins were built to provide lodgings for the laborers who would lay the trolley tracks. The settlement was later maintained as a miners' village, but its dwindling population has mirrored the steady decline of the mining industry.
028 Kelk
The ruins of a Ronso settlement. Residents abandoned Kelk for the cities long before the Flood arrived, and thus it is known amongst scavengers as a prime location for finding trinkets and relics untouched by conflict.

Amh Araeng - 고양이는 배고프다