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여기에는 물고기가없는 것 같다
Thysm Lran
Father Collard's Failings
75 갈매기의 눈
East Longmirror Lake
80 갈매기의 눈
029 Lydha Lran
Finding it abandoned by its former inhabitants following the events of the Flood, the pixies have claimed this Voeburtite village as their own. The fae have continued the villagers' practice of keeping sheep, making use of the weed-choked pens to raise and milk their wooly livestock.
030 The Bookman's Shelves
Lately the borrowed residence of a foreign scholar, this manor once belonged to a Voeburtite lord known for the eclectic nature of his hobbies. In a miraculous turn of events, the noble's extensive collection of books and academic apparatus have largely been left undisturbed by curious pixie hands.
031 Pla Enni
Known for their harmonious relationship with the now-faded Kingdom of Voeburt, the Nu Mou people reside in this cavern under the leadership of their elder, Wyd Aenc. As well as being the name of the village, “pla enni” is a variety of mushroom the Nu Mou grow to incredible size─large enough for them to hollow out and use as comfortable dwellings.
032 Deepwood Swim
In the time of Voeburt, when Lyhe Ghiah was yet known as Gruenes Licht, these ruins were a thriving castle town. Now they languish at the bottom of Longmirror Lake, submerged in the waters drawn forth by the Fuath as the faeries laid claim to Il Mheg.
033 Lyhe Ghiah
Once the royal seat of Voeburt, Lyhe Ghiah later became a prison for Titania when the faerie king succumbed to the aether of a slain Lightwarden. The castle's name has its origin in both the faerie and Voeburtite tongues, the words thought to translate as the “wings of dreams.”
034 Saint Fathric's Temple
This secluded mountain shelf was favored by Saint Fathric of the Church of the First Light as a place to perform rites of penance. Amongst the faeries of Il Mheg, only the Nu Mou would remember or understand the significance of the location's history.

Il Mheg - 고양이는 배고프다