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The Lozatl
Woven Oath
80 갈매기의 눈
Mjrl's Tears
Deep Lake Tusi Mek'ta
80 갈매기의 눈
035 Fort Gohn
Built by the Night's Blessed, little now remains of this wooden fortification. By all accounts, a fire broke out during a sin eater attack, and even before the violence had ended, the compound had collapsed into a charred ruin. Survivors of the slaughter had had no choice but to relocate to the nearby Slitherbough.
036 Fruit of the Protector
Cradled within the branches of a giant tree, this immense crystal boulder is suspended above the waters of Lake Tusi Mek'ta. The “Fruit of the Protector,” as it is known, has been the subject of worship since the time of the Ronkan Empire, and even now folk tell the legend of the great entity believed to be cocooned within.
037 The Covered Halls of Dwatl
One of the sacred temples built by the Ronkans, these stone halls were safeguarded by a sect of priests even after the fall of the empire. The rising waters of the lake, however, could not be denied, and rumors persist of a secret treasure which was swallowed along with the temple.
038 Lozatl's Conquest
According to Ronkan legend, the great steps of this waterfall were carved by the giant Lozatl. Historians speculate that this mythical figure was, in fact, an early form of Talos, and likely the selfsame construct responsible for building Ronka's resplendent places of worship.
039 Fanow
Unfailingly loyal to the last-known commands of the Ronkan emperor, the Viis of this village have protected the ruins of Rak'tika for countless generations. With many of its sister settlements destroyed by the Flood of Light, however, Fanow faces an uncertain fate in its isolation.
040 The Morning Stars
These pyramids were built to venerate the four chief deities of the Ronkan religion: Ox'Gatorl, keeper of flame; Ox'Charl, keeper of the winds; Yx'Lokwa, bringer of rain; and Yx'Anpa, bringer of the harvest. For the inhabitants of Fanow, guardians of Ronka's heritage, there are few sites more sacred.

The Rak'tika Greatwood - 고양이는 배고프다