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The Flounders' Floor
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041 The Ondo Cups
Hidden at the bottom of the Tempest, this Ondo settlement was established by those few foragers who escaped the Flood's destruction of their homeland. The “Cups” has its origin in the hollows on the shore which remain filled with seawater when the tide recedes─a symbol of the Ondo's fortunate refuge.
042 The Workbench
This facility was built by a Crystarium native─a genius artisan seeking to escape from the distractions of the outside world. Although he simply calls the place his “Workbench,” the mundane naming is at odds with the fantastical concept of a forge constructed malms beneath the ocean.
043 Where the Dry Return
When the Ondo beheld the coral within this cavern, its crimson branches put them in mind of a land-dweller's veins─thus began the legend that it was a resting place for finless ones who had perished at sea. It was not until recently, however, that folk from the surface learned the reason behind the rather ominous-sounding name.
044 Purpure
The Ondo use the shells they gather from this cave to make dye, the purple hue prized as a symbol of nobility. It is said that Eulmore's obsession with the color purple can be traced back to these underwater origins.
045 Amaurot
If Ondo testimony is to be believed, this vast city simply appeared overnight. Unlike the ancient remnants which endure silently upon the sea floor, its illuminated towers are of a decidedly different nature─a meticulously new and vibrant metropolis, compelling in its mystery.

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