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The Perfumed Tides
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Outer Akyaali
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020 Yedlihmad
Meaning “new harbor” in a language brought to the island's shores by mainland settlers, Yedlihmad is Thavnair's main port town. Owing to the shallow waters surrounding the island, however, larger trading vessels are forced to anchor at Alnair, and ferry over to the harbor in smaller boats before making their way to RadzatHan.
021 Kadjaya's Footsteps
Known as the mother of the Kriegstanz, Kadjaya is honored in both name and form at this open-air stage for dancers. Those who carry on her legacy perform here beneath her stone-carved likeness, strutting and twirling for the glory of their gods and ancestors.
022 Giantsgall Grounds
Quarried here by the wagonload, the purple-streaked stone known as “gianstgall” is one of Thavnair's most coveted exports. Incredibly dense and possessed of high aetherial conductivity, it is prized not only as a building material, but also as a component in the crafting of unyielding arms and armor, and the brewing of alchemical concoctions.
023 The Shroud of the Samgha
Dense jungle vegetation grows wild and unchecked across a wide band of Thavnair's inland region. Amongst the trees, however, can be found a sprinkling of shrines and temples dedicated to the pantheon of locally worshipped gods─holy sites where once resided the ranks of the faithful.
024 The Font of Maya
This temple was once the abode of an order of Arkasodara ascetics who sought the divine enlightenment of maya. Abandoned for a stronghold deeper in the jungle, the structure now sits derelict and half-submerged in rainwater.
025 The Great Work
Even in Thavnair, the birthplace of alchemy, the practitioners of House Daemir are renowned for the craft of their concoctions. It was they who founded the settlement of the Great Work, and to this day, many talented alchemists choose to reside here and carry on the family's peerless endeavors.

Thavnair - 고양이는 배고프다