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여기에는 물고기가없는 것 같다
032 The Cthonic Horns
The researchers of this small facility are unlike their colleagues in that they seek to manifest new creations without the aid of creation magicks. Their natural breeding program pairs creatures with differing characteristics, relying purely on chance to conceive heretofore unimagined possibilities.
033 Metabaseos Thalassai
An annex to Ktisis Hyperboreia, this facility is mainly concerned with the observation and evaluation of sea life. Although its construction appears too narrow to support such an ambitious project, the building's interior harbors six separate marine habitats, each painstakingly recreated via arcane means.
034 Lethe
Following a process of exhaustive testing, a creation deemed unsuitable for release into the world is brought to this lake, where its life energies are magically unbound and allowed to dissipate. It is at once the most beautiful as well as the most sorrowful locale in Elpis.
035 Ktisis Hyperboreia
The most extensive facility in Elpis, Ktisis Hyperboreia is a sprawling complex of magically simulated environs. Concepts awaiting evaluation are brought here for the last stages of observation, and, upon meeting the appropriate criteria, are finally released into the world at large.
036 Anagnorisis
Named for an ancient word meaning “recognition” or “discovery,” this settlement houses those whose job it is to assess the creations admitted to Ktisis Hyperboreia. These observers study every aspect of their charges, and determine if a concept will add to─or detract from─the environ for which it was designed.

Elpis - 고양이는 배고프다