Areng Dire 78.6
395   모래바다 

Those with the bravery to face its snapping jaws and the strength to prise open its thick shell are rewarded with a highly nutritious meal.

[Suitable for printing on large canvases.]

The Nabaath word “areng,” or “land,” is well known to residents of Amh Araeng, despite its language of origin having fallen out of common use. Fewer are those who know the meaning of “dire”─“shield,” but scholars surmise that this scalekin was named for its semblance to a crawling bulwark. Its light-yet-sturdy shell can be used to make armor, though it has become difficult to obtain since the Flood.


Amh Araeng
The Nabaath Severance72

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Areng Dire - 고양이는 배고프다