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Loch Seld Deep Lakebed
70 갈매기의 눈
016 Ala Mhigo
Having conquered all the lands of Gyr Abania, King Anshelm ordered the construction of a fortress city that would serve to repel invaders from Ilsabard. Completed in the year 1135 of the Sixth Astral Era, it stood as a symbol of defiance until it fell to the Empire, whereupon it became a symbol of oppression.
017 The Ala Mhigan Quarter
A residential area situated to the south of Ala Mhigo, built to accommodate the city's growing population. As the newest district to be added, it is a considerable distance from the Royal Palace, and was expected to become an enclave for the less well-to-do. Under Garlean rule, it more or less retained that status, serving to quarter the Aan─those without citizenship.
018 Sothwatch
A watchtower erected to guard against invaders that may emerge from the cloudy expanses to the south. In the event of a threat, a flaming arrow is loosed from the top to alert those in the city. The Garleans saw no use for it, however, and it has stood empty in the years following Ala Mhigo's fall.
019 The Divine Audience
A magnificent altar fashioned in the form of a stairway extending high above Loch Seld, at the top of which worshipers may come facetoface with the statue of the Destroyer. Formerly a place of piety, it earned a bloody reputation when the mad king Theodoric took to using it as an execution site.
020 The Hidden Tunnel
In order to supply Ala Mhigo with potable water, brine was channeled from Loch Seld to be distilled. With the Empire's arrival, however, existing techniques were replaced with magitek-based filtration systems, and the well was rendered obsolete and abandoned.
021 Porta Praetoria
Formerly a checkpoint along the main highroad to Ala Mhigo, it was incorporated into the newly constructed Castrum Abania. Prior to the Garlean invasion, the area bustled with merchants bound for the Near East, but mercantile endeavors have since given way to military ones.
051 The Sunken Destroyer
This image of the Destroyer was erected on Loch Seld to mark the Fist of Rhalgr's designation as the state religion of Ala Mhigo. Then, the faith's star waxed bright, but such days were not to endure. Deeming the monks a threat to his rule, the mad king set about their destruction, and ordered his personal guard to tear down the image, sending it sinking to the depths.
052 The Ala Mhigan Quarter #2
A residential area situated to the south of Ala Mhigo. Under Garlean rule, it was assigned for the use of the Aan, those lowliest subjects of the Empire not accorded citizenship. During that time, it was also known as the Peregrine Quarter─a reference to the derogatory name by which the imperial occupiers called Ala Mhigan natives.

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