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여기에는 물고기가없는 것 같다
001 The Leveilleur Estate
This elegant mansion has stood for three centuries, and is a treasured example of Sharlayan's architectural heritage. For generations, it has served as the home of House Leveilleur─a noble family from which has arisen many distinguished Forum members.
002 Scholar's Harbor
Although known for its distinctively curving piers, the most prominent feature of the city's port is, without a doubt, the towering statue of Thaliak. Sharlayan's patron deity faces out towards the water, His eternal gaze watching over every vessel which arrives and departs by sea.
003 The Forum
In order to accommodate the ninety-nine members of the Forum, the seating in their assembly hall is arranged in the shape of a spiral. Viewed from above, one is reminded of the symbol emblazoned upon the Sharlayan flag─the nautilus shell that keeps the water of knowledge.
004 Noumenon
The pride of the Studium and parent institution to the Great Gubal Library, this massive collection of scrolls and tomes is the largest of its kind. Knowledge from every corner of the world is collected here, and efforts to compile the Bibliotheca Historica─the ultimate repository of wisdom─is an endeavor without end.
005 The Rostra
This building houses the assembly hall where the Forum debates Sharlayan national policy. Once a simple outdoor plaza, the Rostra would ring with heated discussion through rain, wind, and worse. Following a death by lightning strike, however, plans were drawn up for the imposing stone structure which now crowns Archons' Design.
006 Journey's End
Occupying the eastern side of Old Sharlayan, the residential district takes its name from the tale of the city's original settlers. History tells that it is upon this hill, alongside a colony of auks, where the refugees of the great flood chose to build their new homes.
007 Learners' Meet
This public lecture hall in Phenomenon is open to Studium pupils and Sharlayan citizens alike. When prominent professors are scheduled to take the lectern, crowds of aspiring academics and established scholars often fill the room to capacity.

Old Sharlayan - 고양이는 배고프다