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The Eblan Thaw
83 갈매기의 눈
026 Tertium
Tertium is the third station along the rail network which serves the imperial capital of Garlemald. Equipped as a dispatch yard with generators and other facilities, it was taken over and fortified by the remnants of the Ist Legion following the city's fall into ruination.
027 Juturna Platform G
This mining platform is designed to pump vast quantities of ceruleum-rich water from the icy depths of Cerulea Ingens. Six more rigs were built within the region for the same purpose, but the eruption of civil war brought all operations to a standstill.
028 The Runaway Train
A Mark XLIX passenger train was forced off the tracks by tempered soldiers as it attempted to flee the capital, its twisted bulk left to rust in the ice and snow. Only nobles, high-ranking officers, or citizens with special dispensation were permitted to ride this exclusive service.
029 Senaculum Imperialis
Once the center of government for the Republic of Garlemald, this stately building would later house the Emperor's advisory council. Within its walls, countless campaigns were planned and executed─decisions that would result in untold bloodshed, and bring ever greater prosperity to the Empire.
030 Regio Urbanissima
Here did beat the heart of the Empire─a district pulsing with political, financial, and military authority. Yet these institutions, which once sought dominion over the world, now lie in ruins. Any structure not outright destroyed in the war of succession has been torn apart, its materials cannibalized for the construction of the Tower of Babil.
031 Forum Solius
It was in this square that Emperor Solus inspected his troops before embarking upon his second campaign into the Far East. The imperial legions were ultimately successful in their subjugation of the Kingdom of Dalmasca, and officials celebrated the grand victory by transforming the parade ground into a commemorative public park.

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